Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wreaths, cherubs, christmas tree...yayay!

And we have our tree up!! A fake tree this year...we kind of alternate...getting fresh ones every other year or so...there's a great Christmas Tree Farm nearby (two actually!) where they purpose-grow pine and douglas fir trees year round for buying at Christmas. This is relatively new in NZ...we otherwise have to get them from people who have pine forests and they typically sell spindly branches on the side of the road and call them Christmas trees!! And cost anywhere from $10 - $20...quite the ripoff. The purposegrown ones are about $20 - $30 so a way better deal...then again the fake ones are MUCH more expensive...but you do have them for many years if you take care of them properly, right?? Well I got this one at Spotlight - 7'8" a half price sale so what a blessing!! Wish the lights would show up...but the night ones with lights on did not show well at all.. :( So this is it in the daylight! Pretty, don't you think? :)

And then yesterday I made a wreath for the front it is finished on my kitchen bench! Gluegun cord snaking away to the right! I made the wreath from five wired pine 'branches'...bent round and wired them altogether to make a wreath - cheaper than buying a wreath! Would like to have made one from willow and real trees but none nearby sadly..and don't know anyone who has had to make with fake tree bits! Still, looks great I think...

I spraypainted some little musical cherubs to add with the wired pinecones and berries...on nice fat gold ribbon bows...
And here it is all finished and hanging on my front door. It would stand out so much better if we didn't have stained glass in our door! But we have, so can't be helped. Still really happy with how it turned out :)
So this is our welcoming approach to the front door...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
Now need to put some lights up....oh yeah!!
ciao for now
blessings...jessie xx

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  1. GorGeous wreath! looks lovely on your door !
    liking the chocolates wreath too :)) not sure how long there'd be a wreath if it was at my place :)) ...