Friday, April 30, 2010

Wow..two months since my last blog. Totally consumed with wedding planning for my daughter Claire...and the day came last Saturday. What a beautiful bride she was..and a handsome groom Rob was also...a fantastic day - beautiful weather, fabulous bridal party, wonderful friends and family...a day to remember that's for sure. God is so good to us. It all came together so well...the lovingly gathered pebbles from the NZ east coast decorated the tables, with stamps and rubons randomly on some, forever, you-for-me, etc...tealight candles floating in hurricane vases, driftwood and beachy bits and bobs amongst the stones...I was really happy with how they turned out...and think she was too.

Were there things I wish I'd done better? Yes...did they really matter on the day? Only to me, probably! There was no time to think about little things that later seemed very important to will be a little more prepared next time! (maybe! famous last words, huh?!)

What was I not prepared for? The preparation on the day went by in such a much to organise, not lots of time to relax and enjoy the last moments with my daughter before she walked down the I realise I should have planned some private moments with her...but more than that, what I wasn't prepared for was the low after the high...unexpected in the extreme..,on the days that followed when the happy young couple had flitted off for sunny romantic shores...Didn't help that my darling hubby left for the other side of the world the very next felt quite alone in days to follow...still..sigh. Once everyone was gone and life was 'normal' again, it felt quite empty and meaningless. Think i love my kids more than they'll ever know! My lovely daughter now happily married and with a husband to take care of her...feeling a little obsolete there...silly I know! But I'm realising I need to be needed by my kids, I guess. And with Steve away a lot perhaps that is a greater need in me than most mums...ah life's full of little revelations isn't it?

So today I will 'scrap' the kids wedding card...which got missed in the busyness of the last weeks...want it to be so special and worth while they enjoy their last days in the sun, I hope to make something beautiful and meaningful for heart to theirs.

Ciao fellow bloggers...have a blessed day.