Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ahh still my heart :)

So this is the book I told you about in my earlier blog today...which inspired me to go seek out some pics of some of the regions they travelled to. Oh my, why WOULDN'T you want to go explore this country?? Be still my heart...




Porta Portese, Roma


How amazing...New Zealand has NO history like this...maybe that's why I'm drawn to these places...just LOOOVE the history of places, things, etc...which is why I love vintage ANYTHING! Because it's had a life and has a story to tell...even when you don't know the story, you imagine what it might have been like.
That's what Europe represents to me...a great big story to tell...CAN'T WAIT!!
luv jessie xx

A Walk on the Beach..

Being cooped up inside for the past week finally got the better of's one thing to CHOOSE to stay home and indoors all week when you're in the throes of wonderful crafts and cooking...but ENFORCED indoor time due to sickness is never fun....AND I JUST NEEDED FRESH AIR! So I suggested to Steve that we take a walk on our local beach at Tahunanui...just a few minutes drive from home - as we live on the hills I'm not quite up to the walk TO the beach but the walk ON it beckoned...which turned out to be covered in hundreds of washed up jellyfish...not very inviting for swimmers, of which there were few anyway, being the end of winter after all...and still snow on the mountains! Fresh snow at that...

We had a lovely time strolling, dreaming of Italy, refurbished pleasure boats and (future)grandchildren, kids visiting us..(in Italy :)) Talked about upcoming son's wedding, budgeting to enable Italy to morph from a dream to a reality by 2012 and and the reality of our baby (16) no longer being our 'little' girl, but a beautiful young woman (who is still our 'little' girl!!) Ah time waits for no man...or woman ;)

Amazing how time just flies by... to read more of my wonderful book found in a cafe/bookstore whilst in Paddington in Sydney a few weeks ago...a gorgeous thing called "Salute!, wine and travel in Southern Italy" Gail and Kevin Donovan, Simon Griffiths and Robert Castellani. It's a wonderfully illustrated book about the friends travels thru southern italy - the stories, food, place, people, steep country drives, fabulous blue Adriatic waters, mosquitos, pizzas, wines and more...FABULOUS photography fills it's pages...stories of the locals in each region, the places they stayed, etc...just so hard to put down. It's my first book into researching the beautiful place Italy is...readying us for our aforementioned travels. :)
off to my book I go
ciao bellas!! (now you know why I often sign off like that ;))
jessie xx

Friday, September 24, 2010

More of the dress

Ahh...sweet Beth. How beautiful is she? :) (and yes, not forgetting her handsome escort, Jono!)

Here's a few more pics from the night of Beth's boyfriends ball...I finally finished it ON THE DAY! What a mission it turned out to be! But worth it in the end...don't you agree she looked beautiful? We were going to put straps on as I'm not that keen on my daughters wearing strapless gowns...just doesn't seem so modest as with straps...I know, even those tiny thin spaghetti straps somehow add modesty in my mind!!)...but with all the sequin trim etc it was too much - we were going to use the sequins for straps...but still, in the end she just looked beautiful.
Here she's 'doing a mum'...for some unknown reason, when you look at photos taken of Steve and myself, you can almost guarantee in 90% of them, I've got my hand on his stomach!! Who knows??? So she did this as a laugh...but a good shot of the dress showing the train on the left. I wanted to spread it out for a pic but there was no time as they were running late...when I can get her to put the dress on again, I'll take a pick like the Vogue pattern one, and put them both on for comparison!! ;)
thanks for looking
ciao bellas

Victorian Cuff Swap...WOW LISA!!!

WOW!!!! I received my victorian cuff this week from my partner Lisa ...oh my goodness it is gorgeous!! My pics aren't the clearest but am putting on what I can take at the moment with my webcam as my camera is broken :( (the light truly doesn't do the colours justice...gorgeous peachy tones!) It's a beautiful cuff, with a truly gorgeous porcelain dolls face, vintage pearl necklace,ribbon rose all lying on tulle and lace upon a vintage millinery flower, secured onto a pleated ribbon cuff, with lace and sparkling, so beautiful! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU LISA!! I hope you like mine as much as I like yours...sorry you had to wait longer!! I would put pics of Lisa's one on here, but that might give the show away if she reads my blog! So will post after she's got it.

If you've never tried swapping...where you get to make and receive gifts from fellow artful bloggers...I encourage you to DO IT...JUST DO IT!!! (thanks Nike! lol)...I truly love it. It's wonderful making something for someone else (truly is better to give than receive...hmm..altho...this cuff!!!!!!) and then you get the beautiful surprise in the mail (don't you JUST LOVE real mail??!!)...and you begin friendships with other likeminded women around the world. Try it out...check out or swapdex...both great swapsites. to bed...coming out of this flu now, praise's been horrid. But onwards and upwards! And the sun was shining today...for a bit! So spring really is here ..yay! Daylight saving starts tomorrow night downunder...springing forward!
night night fellow bloggers...
blessings...jessie xx

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ok..the lovely couple ready for the ball...Beth and Jono...and THE DRESS!!(of course, he looked handsome too...but sorry, it's all about...THE DRESS!!) Finally! Not the best to show it off as camera not working to take more beforehand...grrr...but here's a couple of shots to show it from two angles...she really did look beautiful so I think all the heartache and drama was worth it!! lol

Will try and put another couple up when i've managed to get them from Jonos' mum...all in all...quite dreamy :) Haha...looking around the room in this pic...was I still handstiching the sequin trim on, ON THE DAY?? Yes I was!! (scissors and thread on coffee table)...did I use the hairdryer to quickly dry a sponged off 'spot' off the fabric? Yes I did! (hairdryer on couch by Emma!)lol...was really focusing on getting some shots of the dress and really should have looked around before taking them! Never mind...a little mess never mattered. And there's my water bottle...was I SICK on the day of the ball? Yes I was!! Drinking copious amounts of water to help stave off the wicked virus I got...terrible throat...and Saturday was probably the second to worst day...and I'd spent 4 hours at our church helping set up for the Wonderland fashion show that i'd made table decorations for...couldn't have picked a worse time to be sick. Ah well...evrything turned out good in the end...except I was too sick to go to the Fashion show so don't know how it all looked in the night light...but sure everyone would have had a very enjoyable evening. Ok..enough now...more another time. Must go cook dinner! some things must be done, sickness or not!
ciao bellas! xx

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wow..a whole month

Well a whole month has gone by with no time for blogging...will post pictures of Beths dress shortly...SO glad that's finished...and she looked SO BEAUTIFUL!
But i'm sick with a horrible virus so not playing on computer for long just now...
Watch this space :)
ciao bellas