Friday, September 24, 2010

Victorian Cuff Swap...WOW LISA!!!

WOW!!!! I received my victorian cuff this week from my partner Lisa ...oh my goodness it is gorgeous!! My pics aren't the clearest but am putting on what I can take at the moment with my webcam as my camera is broken :( (the light truly doesn't do the colours justice...gorgeous peachy tones!) It's a beautiful cuff, with a truly gorgeous porcelain dolls face, vintage pearl necklace,ribbon rose all lying on tulle and lace upon a vintage millinery flower, secured onto a pleated ribbon cuff, with lace and sparkling, so beautiful! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU LISA!! I hope you like mine as much as I like yours...sorry you had to wait longer!! I would put pics of Lisa's one on here, but that might give the show away if she reads my blog! So will post after she's got it.

If you've never tried swapping...where you get to make and receive gifts from fellow artful bloggers...I encourage you to DO IT...JUST DO IT!!! (thanks Nike! lol)...I truly love it. It's wonderful making something for someone else (truly is better to give than receive...hmm..altho...this cuff!!!!!!) and then you get the beautiful surprise in the mail (don't you JUST LOVE real mail??!!)...and you begin friendships with other likeminded women around the world. Try it out...check out or swapdex...both great swapsites. to bed...coming out of this flu now, praise's been horrid. But onwards and upwards! And the sun was shining today...for a bit! So spring really is here ..yay! Daylight saving starts tomorrow night downunder...springing forward!
night night fellow bloggers...
blessings...jessie xx

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