Friday, September 24, 2010

More of the dress

Ahh...sweet Beth. How beautiful is she? :) (and yes, not forgetting her handsome escort, Jono!)

Here's a few more pics from the night of Beth's boyfriends ball...I finally finished it ON THE DAY! What a mission it turned out to be! But worth it in the end...don't you agree she looked beautiful? We were going to put straps on as I'm not that keen on my daughters wearing strapless gowns...just doesn't seem so modest as with straps...I know, even those tiny thin spaghetti straps somehow add modesty in my mind!!)...but with all the sequin trim etc it was too much - we were going to use the sequins for straps...but still, in the end she just looked beautiful.
Here she's 'doing a mum'...for some unknown reason, when you look at photos taken of Steve and myself, you can almost guarantee in 90% of them, I've got my hand on his stomach!! Who knows??? So she did this as a laugh...but a good shot of the dress showing the train on the left. I wanted to spread it out for a pic but there was no time as they were running late...when I can get her to put the dress on again, I'll take a pick like the Vogue pattern one, and put them both on for comparison!! ;)
thanks for looking
ciao bellas


  1. LOVELY GORGEOUS Dress (and daughter!) I can't believe you made this--absolutle GORGEOUSNESS!!!!!!! Watch out Project Runway....

  2. Oh thanks Natalie!! You are so sweet :) Ahh project amazing would that be????? Think I need a pattern tho! lol (and preferably one that is ENTIRELY correct!!) thanks for your comment...blessings!
    jessie :)