Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ok..the lovely couple ready for the ball...Beth and Jono...and THE DRESS!!(of course, he looked handsome too...but sorry, it's all about...THE DRESS!!) Finally! Not the best to show it off as camera not working to take more beforehand...grrr...but here's a couple of shots to show it from two angles...she really did look beautiful so I think all the heartache and drama was worth it!! lol

Will try and put another couple up when i've managed to get them from Jonos' mum...all in all...quite dreamy :) Haha...looking around the room in this pic...was I still handstiching the sequin trim on, ON THE DAY?? Yes I was!! (scissors and thread on coffee table)...did I use the hairdryer to quickly dry a sponged off 'spot' off the fabric? Yes I did! (hairdryer on couch by Emma!)lol...was really focusing on getting some shots of the dress and really should have looked around before taking them! Never mind...a little mess never mattered. And there's my water bottle...was I SICK on the day of the ball? Yes I was!! Drinking copious amounts of water to help stave off the wicked virus I got...terrible throat...and Saturday was probably the second to worst day...and I'd spent 4 hours at our church helping set up for the Wonderland fashion show that i'd made table decorations for...couldn't have picked a worse time to be sick. Ah well...evrything turned out good in the end...except I was too sick to go to the Fashion show so don't know how it all looked in the night light...but sure everyone would have had a very enjoyable evening. Ok..enough now...more another time. Must go cook dinner! some things must be done, sickness or not!
ciao bellas! xx


  1. Wonderland looked AMAZING - there were many comments on how great the auditorium looked, and how professional the show was. I'm sure everyone was greatly inpressed at your handiwork! Well done and thanks SO much :) Hope you're feeling better now xox

  2. Wow! The dress is fabulous! She looks go gorgeous! I can’t imagine making something that difficult and having it turn out great. The bodice, the draping, the sequins… You did an incredible job. I’m sure the dress and the memories are something your lovely daughter will always cherish. And I’m sure it’s something you’ll never forget, but for different reasons… lol…
    Hopefully now you can take a break and get some rest. Hope you’re feeling better soon.
    Love ya,