Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Walk on the Beach..

Being cooped up inside for the past week finally got the better of's one thing to CHOOSE to stay home and indoors all week when you're in the throes of wonderful crafts and cooking...but ENFORCED indoor time due to sickness is never fun....AND I JUST NEEDED FRESH AIR! So I suggested to Steve that we take a walk on our local beach at Tahunanui...just a few minutes drive from home - as we live on the hills I'm not quite up to the walk TO the beach but the walk ON it beckoned...which turned out to be covered in hundreds of washed up jellyfish...not very inviting for swimmers, of which there were few anyway, being the end of winter after all...and still snow on the mountains! Fresh snow at that...

We had a lovely time strolling, dreaming of Italy, refurbished pleasure boats and (future)grandchildren, kids visiting us..(in Italy :)) Talked about upcoming son's wedding, budgeting to enable Italy to morph from a dream to a reality by 2012 and and the reality of our baby (16) no longer being our 'little' girl, but a beautiful young woman (who is still our 'little' girl!!) Ah time waits for no man...or woman ;)

Amazing how time just flies by... to read more of my wonderful book found in a cafe/bookstore whilst in Paddington in Sydney a few weeks ago...a gorgeous thing called "Salute!, wine and travel in Southern Italy" Gail and Kevin Donovan, Simon Griffiths and Robert Castellani. It's a wonderfully illustrated book about the friends travels thru southern italy - the stories, food, place, people, steep country drives, fabulous blue Adriatic waters, mosquitos, pizzas, wines and more...FABULOUS photography fills it's pages...stories of the locals in each region, the places they stayed, etc...just so hard to put down. It's my first book into researching the beautiful place Italy is...readying us for our aforementioned travels. :)
off to my book I go
ciao bellas!! (now you know why I often sign off like that ;))
jessie xx


  1. gorgeous photos! LoVeLy place to stroll i'd have to agree!
    when you're up to a cup of tea, FHC has a cup for you to enjoy..

  2. thank you for coming for tea & chat! so enjoyed awakening to find your lovely & inspiriting message! Blessings today too :)
    and i think i got the trail wrong in linking to you ~ it was somewhere you'd listed participating ~ maybe the sorority? ...