Monday, February 27, 2012

Old, rustic, perfect!!

Well not much posting lately I know...but today...(my birthday!..;)..shhh) thought I'd show you my 'present' from my hubby...a most awesome old barnacle encrusted buoy he found washed up on a beach somewhere! He has truly given me something old, rustic and verrrrry cool!! There's a first time for everything! haha..God bless him!! HE LOVES ME!!
Chocolates are good!
Flowers are very good!
But old and vintagey is superb!!!

Now sitting pride of place on my otherwise very bare patio in this new rental apartment in Cable Beach, Broome. The beginning of it feeling like 'my' place :) Got some ideas for cottagey, vintagey goodness inside too if I can find some cool old vintagey fabrics at the local thrift stores..have begun already with some cool old must get some needles, thread, pins..and eventually another sewing machine. (hard moving to another country with just a suitcase I can tell ya!!)
Thanks for stopping by friends :)
ciao for now
luv Jess xx

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New life :)

Welcome to Broome!!

Wow..haven't blogged since December 2nd or some such thing! An accurate reflection of the time sapping chaos of my life over the past two months! haha..well, not chaos, but perhaps turmoil would better reflect how I've felt as we've navigated the change from being Nelsonians to Broome-ites??!! Yes my husband Steve and I have moved to the north west of Australia..he has taken a new job in Broome and so I am along for the ride! (as all good wives would be!) So I guess we'll be here for the next couple/three years anyway..that's the plan right now, but it could change at any time so trying to get comfortable with my new friend "flexiblity" (wish my body was flexible!!)
My 'baby' Beth, at 17, is now all settled in Wellington for her next 18months of study - doing Foods and Cert/Diploma in Patisserie - loves baking just like her mum ;)
It was a hard time for me with my last birdie leaving the nest..really, really hard. Being a hands on mum is what I do best! And have been doing for the last 28 years! So to move into this stage of life is ...different. Having no-one at home with me when Steve is away working will be really really different, so I am certainly contemplating getting a job. But leaving my Bethy was heart breaking...but she's doing well, already getting excellent comments from the tutors (who told one adult student to watch how Beth did something or other because hers were 'superb'!! yay!!) I know she'll be great..just leaving her in a big new city, only knowing two people, and then moving to Australia felt a bit like throwing her to the wolves! But thank the Lord for facebook, texting and skype! Doesn't feel so far away..but possibly feel a litte more tugging at the heart strings as she tells us the ins and outs of her days!
But I am in Australia!! you can see from the photo above, it's not all bad up here in the winterless north! Gorgeous sunsets and this was an average one, apparently!!
But having moved thousands of miles/kms with just one suitcase I'm having an interesting time considering what I'll do with my time. Maybe have more time for blogging with not much else going on in life right now! lol...and if I can stand the heat I can take lots of nice pics of the fabulous beaches here..but at an expected 38 degrees Celsius today going outside for pleasure is not actually a plan..unless its to walk to the pool! (dunno what that is in F, sorry my american blogging buddies)..but trust me...IT'S HOTTTT!! And very humid here..the worst part really.
Our furnished apartment is part of a resort complex, Broome Sanctuary Resort, (google it if you like ;))..the photos you see are pretty much our apartment, except a smaller version of the lounge dining than the photos online (and not the great pool outlook from the patio!!)...very nice, just what you'd expect from a 4 or 5star hotel..just not "home", you know? But is is for at least the next 6 months, so I'll have to get my creative genius on to make this place a home..without, of course, putting anything on the walls (permanently, like nails, picture hooks, blu tac, NOTHING!!)...Now how can I do that I wonder?? Time for some thinking outside of the box, for sure!
Anyways..don't want to bore you with my dilemma..but all creative solutions appreciated - decorating a home without hooks in my walls!!'s a hard one!
Ciao for now bellas!
(oh, yes, Italy is now a holiday destination instead of a living option...for now ;))
love and blessings...
jessie xx