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Yesterday I was inspired to bake...Raspberry and Apple Crumble/ reading a post on Molly Wisenbergs blog Orangette, (click here)...I'd been reading her book, "A Homemade Life - Stories and Recipes from my Kitchen Table"...wonderful read....realised she had a blog..HELLO!!...and promptly rushed upstairs to my computer, dropping the book somewhere between the Banana Bread with choc chunks and ginger pieces and the Couer a la Creme...and began to scroll thru her recipes...and came upon a recipe that debated the cobbler verses crisp...well in NZ we don't really make 'cobblers' and maybe some people make crisps, but I certainly make Crumbles!!...and my mouth watered at the thought of off I went...intending to make wholly berry crumble, but I threw in a couple of apples that looked terribly unappealing as they languished at the bottom of my fridge awaiting TRANSFORMATION..awaiting an occasion just such as this!...amazing how those soft, almost floury apples that you wouldn't dare let past your lips in their raw state are transformed into delicious, golden lusciousness with the mere application of heat and a sprinkling of sugar...mmm..

My pics are all out of order...grrr...well above was how it appeared in my daughter Beths dish, with vanilla icecream to grace its head...but mine...

I prefer my puddings to swim in cool, loose ('runny', we call it) cream...fresh, cool, cutting the sweetness of the fruit with just enough richness to make it lipsmackingly good!!

This Pic was meant to be at the top! The cooked apple and berries, doused with sugar, ready to be enveloped in the crumble mix and hidden away in the oven :)

And then today there's been a transformation of a different kind...a non-food kind! Thanks to the inspiring blog over at Dreamy Whites, I took great delight in transforming my chest coffee table into a distressed, white french-inspired thing of beauty!!...Forgot to take before photos until I'd already begun, but hurriedly went and grabbed the camera once I remembered...and so began the TRANSFORMATION...cant make the pics go down here so...see my next post :)

ciao bellas

jessie (for some reason, i'm getting double line spacing!! weird! what is happening in blogland?!!)

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