Saturday, December 4, 2010


Oh Yay...a pic of our tree at night that actually turned out pretty good! Isn't it beautiful...lights just transform anything don't they? Gives it all such a beautful magical feel. I love how my cross mirror stands out behind the tree! Awesome..the True meaning of Christmas, after all, is Christ! And doesn't the angel on the top of the tree look like she's just hovering there?? Gorgeous!!

And Beth made a Lolly Wreath tonight with gorgeous Roses Chocolates and a simple wire coathanger, bent into a circle and the hook transformed into a heart shape...rather extravagant with the chocs, but it means in the lead up till Christmas, visitors can take a choccie from the wreath (leaving the wrapper so it still looks beautiful, colourful and full!!) and get quality Cadbury's chocs! This shot is with the light on...the next one is with the flash...

Not sure which I prefer...the colours sure stand out with the flash so I think maybe this one :)

Thanks for looking :)
jessie xx

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