Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blast from the Past - Heavenly Cakes

Several years ago I opened a cake youngest baby had just started school and so I branched out from making cakes for my family and friends into the world of 'real business' Wans't in it for the business tho...I just loved making cakes and making people happy...and so The Heavenly Cake Company was born - "Divine Inspiration and a Taste Sensation" was my byline!! was fun are a few pics from back in the day...thanks Tammy for inspiring me to go browsing my photos :)...all the best with your venture when you take the plunge!...

White chocolate pencil curls with fresh strawberries...mmm

These were my tiny 'Love Bites" that I made one year for Valentines day...sold them in pvc cylinder boxes...they were choc fruit and nut truffle cakes...divine!! and SOO cute!
A display cake for my shop front...even the pebbles are icing ;)

A choc truffle croquembouche...with fresh roses...mmm

chocolate with golden icing grapes...

This was my friends daughters wedding cake...she wanted it to look like an oldfashioned punch bowl filled with multicoloured flowers... Next we have Chocolate Raspberry Mudcake Cupcake first I think...when the 'cupcake rage' for weddings was just beginning to take hold
And these are some cute wee Christmas Truffle Trees I made one year ...ooh I might make some for my Christmas table centrepiece!! Aren't they cute??!! I TOTALLY loved making these...they would sell in little pvc cylinders with lids and could be sent internationally!(and were!)
Another client designed wedding and purple icing ribbon cascading down dark chocolate mudcakes...

I always swoon with white on white cakes tho...much as I love the colourful and the unique...traditional white on white just has something about it!!
Lovely pastels are quite dreamy too don't you think?

This one was white chocolate slabs with wired paua shell trim...a Pauanesia theme...quite Kiwiana!

And another White Choc slab cake with choc curls...very popular style!...wonder why?!!

And a final tumbling cascade of roses...I always loved making the roses...I think I love making flowers from all sorts of mediums...icing, paper, fabric!! Just love them!!
Thanks for looking...hope you enjoyed it :)
ciao for now
jessie xx

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  1. Hi Jessie,
    your cakes are awesome! I will be posting about my purse today or tomorrow and wanted to let you know. Go check it out and let me know you saw it! Thanks again and I am so in love with it and have had many compliments on it already!