Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Christmas Craft

Latest creativity going on here...I found a photo of these folded paper/card christmas balls online somewhere and set about recreating some of my own...these were the first few...have continued making them and got some more fabulous papers and card to use...will post those soon. Aren't they gorgeous? Just waiting for ribbon to hang them...I've hung all of mine from the light fitting above my dining table making them like a hanging chandelier...must take a pic of that..after my friend Lynn saw them we set about having a creative day...making stars and then these her FABULOUSLY CHRISTMASIFIED home....Christmas trees EVERYWHERE!! She's totally into christmas and decorating...if only she had a blog!! (but probably doesn't have time!)...anyway...

I particuarly like the two tone effect...and have found a better way of attaching the bead at the bottom so it hangs free a little better...have also found some new fabulous beads! which helped :)

A view from the top...well, actually the bottom, in this case...not meant to have that wee gap above the bead that you see...need to 'squish' that back together while the glues still wet :)

This was a lovely flocked paper...gorgeous. Just before I inked the edges...
thanks for looking :)
happy creating
luv jessie x

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