Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh the beauty...and divineness of it all!!

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!!! Talk about inspirational, beautiful, amazingly gorgeous giftwrapping!! Pop on over to Sande Chase's blog to be blown away by fabulous giftwrapping and gift ideas...look at these fabulous boxes...which are full of...

...fabulous giftwrapping supplies!!! THAT'S a gift I wouldn't turn down...mind you, look at that box before it was opened...I read on her blog that someone had sent one of these gifts to a friend and the friend left it unopened for 3 days just to look at the beauty of the wrapping! Now that's a gift that keeps on giving...opened to find gift wrappings galore...and SO SO sumptuous!! If only we had this in NZ...perhaps my next job??

And then there was this pic she'd found of this FABULOUS, DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS DRESS!! Now WHERE WAS THIS when I was mother of the groom in October?? huh??? Oh my goodness!! This dress is to die for...maybe another wedding soon isn't such a bad idea?? haha...JUST KIDDING KIDS!!! After Italy! ;)

Just gorgeous and had to share...thanks to Sande for sharing her talents with us.
ciao bellas
jessie xx

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