Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A bit of Glam for Christmas Morning tea with the gals

My friend Lyn has beautifully decorated her home for Christmas and today she had an 'open house' morning tea for any girlfriends who cared to drop by and see her little tribute to Christmas...with choc/raspberry tarts, fruit mince pies, white choc truffles, dark chocs, lemon tarts, fresh strawberries and cheese crisps! (it's ok, there was something savoury there!!) I added some red to a pink flower/rosette pin I'd made and voila!

Nothing like doing a quick bit of sewing before you dash out the door with your plates of delicious goodies to share...

Didn't quite get a great shot of it cos my darling daughter Beth's camera is not at hand and had to use the webcam...

But this is finished pin, on. didn't it go with my top perfectly? Pink and red and all frothy...I was also wearing a delicious red frothy skirt from Trelise Cooper, a well known NZ designer. A lovely morning was had by all...and now have 'bookings' for Fri arvo to make the stars and christmas baubles!(which Lyn had also made and were on display) we'll have a little Christmas high tea on Friday and create to our hearts content!!
Thanks for looking!
have a fab week
luv jessie xx

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  1. what a darling flower pin! It looks wonderful! I always forget that it is warm and toasty this time of year downunder...we are freezing here in Michigan! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!