Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yay adding links...

Hey thanks for your help with me adding links Debra - you're a GENIUS!...trying it here. Do go over to Debra's gorgeous's worth the trip! (Phew - finally found a fellow blogger who has a url name longer than mine!! lol) Make a cuppa and sit back...she's got a fab giveaway going as I wrote about yesterday...just my 'cup of tea'..haha (even tho I'm a coffee girl!!) So check it out! Today! She also has two other blogs, one a bible study A Day in the Life, so if that's your thing, take your cuppa there! Blogging with Jesus! haha ;)
Ok time just sick daughter who desperately needs som cold and flu tablets and a cold lounge that needs warming a trip to the chemist (pharmacy) and back to light the we go.
ciao bellas
jessie xx

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