Monday, August 16, 2010

Oozing chocolatey goodness...

Soo...yesterday turned into an 'I wanna bake somethin' day...well actually, really a 'I wanna eat something desperately wickedly bad for me..."...and so I did!!
Been reading Ree Drummonds blog...have you seen it?! Oh my goodness, a gorgeous woman, homeschooler, wife, cattle rancher, cook, personality!!!!(and not in that particular order) She has written a cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks...I've just ordered a copy from Amazon and it's winging it's way to me AS WE SPEAK!! ...actually probably swimming to me...taking 6-8 weeks to get here! who knows?!! but for twice the shipping cost I could have it in a week! (but twice the shipping was 3x the cost of the book!!! seriouslY!!!) So it's a lesson in patience for me...BUT in the meantime...i was seduced by her Chocolate Sheet Cake...FULL of butter..m..mmmm...and chocolatey goodness...whipped up in about 8 mins, cooked in 20, iced in 1 and in our mouths before you could say "a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips" GOOD!! And it was(is)...scrumptious...warm from the oven, with warm frosting...aaaahhhhh....and then today with coffee...deliciously dense but not too rich...a really good cake that you can whip up for unexpected guests, then graze on it all week!! ...if there's any leftover at all...
Oozy goodness in the pan....(tiny lumps of icing sugar but never mind...didn't whisk it enough I was too anxious to gobble it up!)...

The warm frosting just dribbling over the edge ....

Couple pieces on the plate....(just for the photo, you understand...we didn't eat 2 pieces each!!) the recipe and have a'll be glad you did...and so will everyone around you!! (perhaps not your calorie conscious friends!!) But only live once!!
If i can have only one vice...let it be BUTTER.!!(OK...chocolate and maybe coffee are the others!)

I just watched Julie and Julia again last night...LOVE that was what inpsired me to try my hand at blogging...but ahh, the butter - used with abandon! And the deliciousness of the movie...I so loved it...that could be a movie I could own, and watch several times...not many that I could. I can't wait to go to still my heart...and patient my soul!
ciao bellas
jessie xx


  1. Oh, I love it! I just came across your blog at the bloggerette Sorority.
    This looks so yummy!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Yum! Save me a piece. I'll be right over.
    Love ya,

  3. Thanks Letitia...fattening too!! And Lisa...haha..jug is on! You'll have to hurry's disappearing fast...just can't work it out ;)
    thanks for commenting girls.
    luv jessie x

  4. hey Jess, Where can i find that recipe, want to make it now!
    from your sister

  5. hey Ma Soeur, that surely is great chocolate cake. The volunteers at CAB loved it too. I preferred it cold the next day, icing set and dense cake. mmmm and I'm pretty fussy. Thanks

  6. well whaddayaknow, it worked! the comment posting thing that is. I am so uneloquent like you sis

  7. haha..thanks Bernice. Uneloquent?? is that a word!! haha...yes I prefer it the next day..and the next..and the...well, as long as it lasted it was SOOO good!! glad you liked it...i like feedback from fussy types such as yourself!! ;) have a great day! blessya! luv jess x

  8. This looks sooooooo yummy! My mouth is watering.