Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taking a Break from Ballgowns!!

(For some reason you can't click on these photos to make them open larger...anyone know why? I've uploaded them just the same as all others...taken on same camera etc...same with theLemon Curd photos...and yet the Chocolate Cake pics you can..???? And the pics above of my scarf you can...???)

ANYWAY......TODAY.....the world of ballgown mania is getting the best of me...VOGUE 2890...AAAGHHH!! You are SUPER FRUSTRATING!! Wrongly written and incorrectly instructed...not ok!!!
So I took a break from the 'things you need to do' and started in on the 'things you want to do'!! I've always had this thing with my kids to 'help' them prioritise when so many thing are demanding of their time (in their opinion!)..."well", I say.."do what you have to do/need to do, BEFORE doing what you want to do"...that way you take care of business and then play/pleasure. Mostly it was a way of saying "DO YOUR CHORES" before you go play/watch tv/go to the beach, or whatever. Works too...usually ;) So today...I IGNORED MY OWN GOOD ADVICE!! Kinda...the ballgown is pretty frustrating tho and it was just doing my head in...sooo..when I came across a piece of dusky pink t-shirting (NO idea where it came from or what I had it left over from)...I thought, oh, that would make a nice scarf...just the right colour for what i'm wearing now (dusky pastel know, end of winter you just want to STOP wearing black!!) I set about gathering bits of lace(vanilla dyed to look AND smell divine!) and vintage mother of pearl buttons, some beading and some flowers...and made...well.....a scarf!!...what do you think?

Here I've just sewn the lace pieces along each side...wider pink on one side, narrower beige on the other...I didn't want it just one length of lace...I cut it into even sized lengths, then sewed them one after the other, so that each one had cut edges 'free' every now and then along the length of the scarf...I like that for some reason!! This was to be a 'shabby chic' style scarf, y'know? Lots of 'raggedy' looking lace and trims hanging from one end, perhaps with a couple of my flowers to finish it i had several styles of flowers to consider...

Laying out on my sadly oil spattered 100 yr old scrubbed Kauri kitchen table... :( Needs a sanding but that's a major work...well, not major..but probably a good day of getting it out on the deck and getting the electric sander going...dust everywhere..oh yay! Not time to get on with the scarf and just not look at the oil slick!! ;) Ah see that BEAUTIFUL sunshine streaming in at the end of the table...yay..summer is coming!!!

So here is finished scarf with first choice of flower finish...a burnt edged flower with a rolled silk rose....or...

A stamped petal rosette...with vintage button it turned out the pink wasn't quite right so I went with the first choice. Really happy with how it turned out...

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