Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ballgown progress...slowly...

Finally feel like I'm making progress with Beth's ballgown...due Sept 18th. She has been making her own one at school for her Year 12 ball TONIGHT! (PICS UP LATER!!)..and has made a beautiful job of it...and this one is for her boyfriends Year 13 Ball in September...can't wear the same dress...OF COURSE1 (can't wear any of your sister's dresses from previous years either! 3 of them in my wardrobe!!) is the Vogue pattern I am making...
Just about ready to sew bodice front to bodice back...there are three layers...the outer, the lining and the 'foundation bodice'...and in fact there was meant to be FOUR layers...two of the outer fabric however we want the sheen of the white satin fabric to come thru the chiffon so are not doing double chiffon...the pattern instructions are W-R-O-N-G!! Aaaghhh!! I'm a pretty good seamstress but I REALLY like to double check things as I go (is that a type A personality??!!lol)..anyway, so I interfaced and sewed the back bodice pieces (four of them) together...double checked...oh no! I'd interfaced the lining, not the foundation,(which, confusingly are both made of the same fabric, neither of which are actual 'lining'!! and so look exactly the same...)... which meant I'd interfaced the WRONG SIDE!. Couldn't believe recut and sewed...double! it was right the first time...recut, resewed...had lots of 'tearing my hair out' moments...had to 'STEP AWAY FROM THE SEWING TABLE" on many occasions!!
FINALLY....I sat down and had ANOTHER good read of the pattern..over and over it ...and found the mistakes in the pattern!! and all...I wish I could take the time to write to Vogue...but too late now I guess. ( I then recalled the shop assistant at Spotlight asking me if I was making a vogue pattern when I went back for more fabric, and her telling me a customer had come back because the pattern was guessed it...WRONG!!)
anyway...the bodice IS half done...yay...looking good and fitting SO nicely...but taking a break today...from all things fabric! lol
(will put some pics up soonish..)
Thanks for checking out my blog today!
have a great weekend
ciao bellas!
jessie xx

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