Monday, August 9, 2010

Be still my ruffled heart.... :)

OKaaaaaY!!! I've been quite excited at the prospect of making a 'ruffle bag' (tote!) after spying some on Etsy and thinking...oooohh, maybe I could make some of those...great presents!! out an old white damask tablecloth that I've had in a box with lots of others since I don't know them at an antiques and collectibles auction maybe...4 years ago??...and they've sat in a box ever since...waiting to become something or other...they were actually a bonus...can't remember the actual thing I wanted in the auction, but these came with it! SO!...out with the tea bags (earl gray cos I never use them!)...into the big mixing bowl...soak...soak...outside to hang on balcony to dry in the oh so wonderful sunshine!!

So it started like this....white and ready to go...

Here it is hanging drying over the last of my ornamental's on it's way to the compost but still looked all frilly and took a pic of it beneath my drying tablecloth!!..just cos...

And again....

And then it became ..this...the top's on top of a white cloth to show the contrast, but the rooms too bright I think...ah can see it's changed colour! Now a nice old vintagey look..

And here is where I should have taken photos 'as I went'...but forgot! Got too excited to get it made...ah well...(dunno why this is blue and underlining...???)
So...VOILA! My very first ruffled tote...and not too bad if I do say so myself!! I mitred the bottom corners so it will stand up when it has stuff in it...i really don't like bags that have to lean against something in order to stand. to accessorize...all my lovely flowers come into play now....

So maybe a couple of burnt edged (a la Bryanna..thanks B!!) on a silk ruffle...or...
maybe a couple of silk from a scarf at thrift shop...taupe from a top I cut up!..mentioned in previous post...

..or a taupe silk with a green linen?? from an old teatowel from my mum (thanks mum!)...the colours don't show too well
Anyways...what do you think? I"ve decided to make them into pins and then they can be changed to suit my mood...or the mood of the recipient as I make a couple more to give as gifts.
I LOVE BLOGGING!! IF I hadn't discovered this wonderful world of bloggin sisterhood, i'd never have made gorgeous flowers and bags and whatever i'm going to try my hand at next!! As if I haven't got enough to do over the next couple of months, and I really should have been working on Beths balldress today, but I truly am of the 'microwave generation' (I know, that's meant to be my kids, but's me..) ...INSTANT GRATIFICATION! I WANT IT..AND I WANT IT NOW!! That's why I love making things I can start and finish in a day...SO SATISFYING! And then I"ve got it...right away!!
ok...better get making these flower pins/brooches so I can try out my bag soon...well, soon as my eyes have healed and I can face the world again! (bit of a freakshow right now...don't want to scare any small dogs or children!! ;)
Thanks for stopping by :)
blessings...jessie x


  1. EEK! I LOOOVE it! I purchased some material to make myself such a bag and have not done it yet (going on two months now haha!) You have inspired me. Yours are sooo beautiful! I will have to tell my Grandmother I have a new blogging friend from NZ! She just was on holiday there last Fall and LOVED it!

    Have a lovely week!
    xo Molly

  2. Oh thanks Molly!! I love your enthusiasm!! And feel honoured at your praise! LOVED making the bag...just finished my second one...hmm..thinking etsy may be on my to do list ;) Wait and see. I was completely in awe of your cushions on your blog maybe I'l make cushions too...I'm so bad at wanting to make everything, all together, all at once!! it tho the creative urge..tho as I type I look at my kitchen table and know there should be space to eat at it!! haha..maybe next week! Glad you're happy to have a new friend downunder..:)
    ciao bella..thanks again for your comment.
    bless bless
    jessie x

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