Monday, August 9, 2010

A Beautiful Day Downunder :)

So today girls is a beautiful day...the sun is gorgeous, the warmth just soaks into my bones...I LOVE NELSON!! We are pretty lucky really here in Nelson..our winter is practically winterless..I KNOW..I've just been moaning about the cold and the rain! But today's a new day! Thankyou Lord! If I wake and it's sunny, I just KNOW it's going to be a good day.

Took some pics of some of my favourite crosses around my house...I am really drawn to crosses of all kinds...have I don't know how many cross necklaces and earrings...just love them..what they represent and yet just simply they touch my soul...somehow. Hope you like them too...
I totally love hearts as well... stirs my soul tooo!! lol...just had to slip this one in...isn't it gorgeous? Vintage look, tho not actually vintage! Love it!And of course my own dinky little coffee maker DEFINITELY stirs my heart...mmm...think it's aroma is calling to me as i 'speak'..haha
And some 'thrift shop' (second hand shops we call em)..finds...LOVE this old metal cake storer..
And a wee collection of things that warm my heart...cast gem irons that were my mums, elephant pie funnel, ex mum, old cocoa tin and old tobacco tin now used as string holder..and a couple of old squashed bottle caps (bottle tops) just love using old rusty looking bits and bobs in my art/scrapping...Well..I think thats me for takes an age to upload pics doesn't it?? And then to find the light wasn't so great so they're not ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS DAHLING! shots...ah well! not to is like that eh? Not perfect, but definitely worth showing off!!
Have a good day my fellow bloggerettes!
jessie xx

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