Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can you help me? I NEED TACKY GLUE!!!

Ah blogorettes...can you help me? I am trying to buy Fabri-Tak or Ayleens Tacky Glue online but cannot find a company that sells outside the there anyone out there who could purchase some tacky glue for me and send it to me? I will most happily send you a money order/bank transfer to cover cost and postage. We CANNOT get tacky glue in NZ..and the THREE...yes T-H-R-E-E brands I have bought, ALL saying - fast drying, superior 'grab', excellent for work with fabric, paper etc....NONE of which dries in less than an hour!! Or completely soaks into my fabric!! Aaaghhhh!!!! So frustrating....deep breath...calm yourself Jessie! ;)

OK..will wait to hear from anyone who can help...:) :)
ciao bellas
xx jessie

1 comment:

  1. I'll definitely send you some glue when I send your cuff. I know you probably need some before that, but at least you will have some for future projects.