Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A bit more ruffliciousness... :)

And a little more ruffle-liciousness coming your way...i'm enjoying this time making some more bags...and now have opened a little Etsy store...oh, how to put that on the!!

Oops, a bit on the blurry not playing ball...well they can't can they? lol...but cameras and me...not the best match right now...mind you, it is 12.12am...and I should be tucked up in bed...but wanted to put the bags on done now. Yay!

And here's just a cute wee pic of what's sitting on my sideboard just now, amongst the family photos...don't you love the week vintage baby's shoes? I just couldn't resist them at my favourite local (and only!) vintage store...saw them a few months ago and hummed and hahed about getting them...decided no...went back a week later in a weak moment! but alas...they were nowhere to be found. "just as well" I thought...but what was there this week when i went in?? YES! There they were...that was a sign, don't you think? Who knows WHAT my hubby will think when he comes home and finds old baby's shoes on the sideboard (that only arrived last time he was away!)...haha..lucky he doesn't mind changes happening whilst he's away :) He's gorgeous..and he loves me!! hehe. be off to bed...nitey nite girls...sweet dreams.
luv and blessings
jessie x


  1. Hi Jessie,

    You have a mighty fine blog now -- congrats! :) Keep up the good work.

    -- Birgit

  2. Jessie,

    Thanks for your two lovely comments -- and for even wanting to vote for my creation. That means a lot for sure! :) No, I didn't win -- I think I didn't get a single vote in that challenge. Hah! Never mind -- I had fun creating the collage nonetheless.

    If you like butterflies, hop over to my blog once again -- I just posted about my visit of a butterfly exhibition back in March. That was wonderful! :)


  3. I'm visiting a few sorority sisters today. Your family is lovely, the purses are so cute and I love the baby shoes! I enjoyed my visit!


  4. Hi Jesse! I'm so glad we found each other! The bags are just lovely and so are all of your fabric flowers! And for a new blogger, everything looks just wonderful!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway. I'm sorry you didn't win but there will be more giveaways in the future!

    I'm a new follower so let's be bloggy friends, 'kay?