Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What i'm up to whilst not blogging...

Ok..well I cant' make my text come up above the photos and can't be bothered retyping! so will let you read at the bottom of the photos what they're all about...enjoy

Would you believe this is INSIDE a mall in Dubai...all the shop fronts form facades of buildings to look like you're outside..and the roof is painted like the sky...with little lights that light up at night like stars!!
My honey and I enjoying the camel ride when we went on our desert safari. Was amazing.

Our 'titanic' experience in an ocean of sand...the majesty of it all...words cannot describe.

THis is the Burj Al exclusive hotel inDubai where, apparently, the walls are painted with 24carat gold dust paint...I guess some excesses are beyond words!

Hey all..currently away in Dubai and Singapore...heading to Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Bangkok before returning home July 10th...having the MOST amazing time...what a world we live in...God is amazing..when you see His creation in some of it's most 'awesome-ness'...makes you realise how little you really arein the scheme of things...but isn't it wonderful how all our tiny unique lives amount to something? They matter to God, they matter to each other...part of a greater purpose...a Master plan, if you like! All connected and intertwined...enjoy the photos. x

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  1. Those pictures are amazing. I love the titanic pose. Your blog is so interesting. Lisa