Monday, June 7, 2010

my blog browsing and photoshopping weekend...

Morning happy campers ;) Been playing around with some photos I took when Steve and I went on a weekend away down the coast...i love photographing old things...particularly rusted metal and peeling paint!! and I found some of both on our trip!! are a couple... slightly enhanced with Photoshop ( i LOVE Photoshop!) to make the colours POP and make the contrasts stand out....SO cool don't you think??
What else have I been doing? I've been browsing blogs this past weekend...oh this blogging is so addictive!! what fabulously talented people there are in this world...check out the girls i'm following and you'll see what i mean. This background and header are FREE from a site by a Finnish woman living in the US...check it out... and her other blog for digital print images to use in your artwork.. some absolutely fantabulous designs there...THANKYOU ITKUPILLI!! Makes it so much fun for this novice to spruce up her blog...and for you to as well! And change it if I want, cos I am a girl who likes change, I must admit...they say change is as good as a rest....speaking of rests....well, not really rests...RETREATS...
Have you heard of Brave Girls Camp? Oh my goodness...I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to attend one of these artsy/lifechanging/friend making retreats!! Maybe I'll get to one, one just never know. check it out.The brainchild and dream of an inspiring woman called Melody Ross and offered to the world in conjunction with the help of her partner, her sister Kathy Wilkins...checkout their'll be glad you did.
a few snippets from the site to entice you:

*Artsy, meaningful classes, developed and taught by Melody Ross
*Artfully packaged class kits
*A hand-made Brave Girl Camp journal/sketchbook (for thoughts and ideas)
*A roomy and wonderful hand-made Brave Girl Camp tote-bag
*Almost all class supplies
*A basket to borrow to hold projects in progress while at Brave Girl Camp
*Many other treats and surprises!
*The time of your life if you choose to make it so!
*Gourmet healthy breakfast buffet each morning
*Luscious healthy gourmet lunch each day
*Scrumptious afternoon gourmet snack
*Sit-down formal dinner each night

Wow..amazing...check it out NOW...

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  1. Hi!!! I just sent your group list for the swap. I hope you got is! Could my messages be in your spam folder??? :)