Thursday, June 3, 2010

Creative Day with Penny I took all my gorgeous flowers to my friend Penny's place for a 'creative day'. We've been talking about scheduling one for ages, but you know how life is! ..anyway, it finally came today and I was so happy to have something portable to take to her lovely home. She was working on sewing machine and overlocker so was rather limited to being at home! I on the other hand have whipped up some gorgeous Bryanna flowers and took them all up to stitch the centres. Here they are pinned onto my 'tranquility' cushion - I just made the cover recently, using t-shirt transfers to print the text on...I made it out of an old tablecloth I found at a local vintage shop...LOVE the way it turned out. So it became a big 'pin cushion today!

Here they were in my workspace s I readied them for finishing. Just need to put the pins/clips on the backs now. I already have someone to give one to so that's fab.

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