Thursday, June 3, 2010

and on my way home... :)

And on my way home from Penny's...I stopped by the local vintage/second hand store and picked up some more cool old metal buttons, postcards , vintage 'happy family' playing cards and some very cool rusting metal key 'scutcheons'! (the keyhole surround that goes on the door around the actual hole for the key!!)...have a look...aren't they just delicious! What about the tiny needlepoint packets?? a bit blurry sorry...but just sooo so cute. Can't wait to use them all in things....yayaay!!

I found out yesterday what a 'swap' is!! Haha you say...where has this girl been all her life? Well no, here in New Zealand, I've never heard of a swap, let alone a 'swap-meet'...but it intrigued me. Bryanna kindly emailed me and told me of some swap sites, after telling me what they were and I've signed up! What fun! And international ones..yippee!! I'll have to surf the net and see if there's any kiwi (NZ) ones...not so expensive to post and not so long to wait! I'm very excited to see if i'm allowed to join a Parisian Altered Matchbox swap...hope so. I note that on many swaps you can't join till you've done about 10...bit hard for a 'newbie' such as myself, to get a foot in the door. But I live in hope!

Well, winter is here I think. Snow on the surrounding hills...brrr...cosy by the fire. Wish I didn't have to go out tonight, but I do, so I'd best get to it. Check by tomorrow.
Bye sweet fellow bloggers...
(haha.. I wonder if anyone is reading this apart from my loyal follower Bernice, my sister!!)
ciao bella...jessie x

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