Thursday, June 3, 2010

oooh...look at this...came across these pics of my gorgeous kids when they were all 'much' younger (bearing in mind they are now 16 - 26!!)...

This is Beth, my youngest...she must've been about 3 here...she's 16 now! What a cutie!!

And then there's Claire...maybe about 11 here...she's 20 now and newly married. That's her at the top of my blog on her wedding day in April this year. My beautiful bride. :)

And this is my gorgeous Laura at about age 7 having just finished the Kiwikids Weetbix Tryathlon - she was sooo excited about being in it and did really well...a real little go-getter. She's 18 now!

This one is all my girls with my eldest girl, my darling Emma on the right...about 12 23! Aren't they too cute , all lined up on the stones in the middle of a nearby river.

And this is my number one son! - my gorgeous Evan - abut 10 or 11 26! He loved sport, particularly rugby and cricket...he's my eldest and each time I had a lovely sister for him, he would hope for a brother!...but when sister number 4 came, Beth, he said "its alright mum. You can stop trying to have a brother for me now, cos by the time he's old enough to play cricket, I'll be 20!"!!! Soooo cute. He was 10.

And Wow...and here's a photo of me and my sisters when I was maybe 4 or 5...thats me 2nd from left...looking like a tiny little old man!! haha!! SUCH a funny photo of me!! That would've been about 1963 I think!
I must do something creative with all those photos in the wire basket...I put them there some time ago as a reminder to do something with them...but they're still there! ah well...don't suppose they're going anywhere any time soon!
Ooh! I've just been accepted into my first swap!! yay!! SO excited...a 'big fat envelope' That'll be exciting...must do some really creative things to put in the envelope. Wonder who i'll get and if we'll become online friends :)
Might go and have a cup of coffee for me late at night...sigh
More tomorrow...blessu
jessie x


  1. What a wonderful bundle of photographs.
    It is truly wonderful to find old treasures. :)
    Thank you for sharing.
    (Tis me; Ana Goncalves from Swapbot, clicked on your website from your profile)

  2. Thanks Ana...nice to have you come visit! ;) Thanks for commenting :)