Friday, June 11, 2010

life before?

I'm wondering, dear bloggers, what I did before the world of blogging embraced me?! (or I embraced it! ;))...I do remember saying, as my daughters wedding approached, "what on earth will consume my days once the wedding's over?"...welllll...I think i've found out! lol...and funny because it was just before Claire's wedding that began blogging, but it was more a journalling type thing...I hadn't truly DISCOVERED the wide world of bloggers out there. Actually, I 'd watched Julie and Julia, which was all about Julie's new blog, and how she was journalling her everyday accomplishments as she challenged herself to make a dish a day, for 365 days (!) from Julia Child's "Mastering the art of French Cooking"...if you haven't seen it, and you're a foodie (and love all things French!!!! - ah, HELLO?!!)...I encourage you to rent the movie!

Anyway, I I lay wakeful at 4.20am this morning and finally decided to get up, as toss and turn trying to get back to sleep (hmm...i DID have a coffee late last night -the decaf just would NOT go thru the machine - too fine a grind I think!) so had the 'real deal'...hmm..that could be it. Anyways...I decided to get up and go online...browsing the wonderful blogs I've become so inspired by...

and got to amazing it's been for me to discover artful/crafting's been a real uplifting experience for me to have 'met' all these girls/women...JUST LIKE ME!!...well, not exactly, you understand, we're all uniquely gifted and created to be JUST US...but girls with passion for creativity, that make things 'just because' or even 'because they simply CANNOT NOT make it!!'...they've embraced their creativity and not been shy to share it with the world. Well they may have been shy, but they've overcome that shyness - a little easier to do from behind a computer And I'm so happy to have found kindred spirits online...ones who are emailing and those who I'm following, or simply dropping by their blogs to see what they've been doing...I see this common thread - we're all pretty much family orientated, LOVE crafting, especially the more old-fashioned variety, have a faith in God, and mostly love the making something from nothing addage. Amazing!! There are so many of us out there!! How absolutely awesome is that?? I wish wish wish you were all living nearby so I could drop by for COFFEE (I think I hear it calling!...did i mention I LOVE coffee?..and chocolate...REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!! - can't really get them downunder...but LOVE EM!..)anyway...I digress yet where was I? ...oh I wish some of you (all of you?!!) lived nearby for 'real' visits and inspiration and we could all oooh and ahhh over each others beautiful work or their latest shabby chic acquistion from some market or other. Having said that, it's better if I come and live near all you cos their ain't no markets here like you have in the US...or France...I went to a lady's blog called ..I think..Tongue in Cheek (if you love all things french, google it to get the right name)...oh and she said how there are around 20 antique markets EVERY WEEKEND within easy travelling distance of the village she lives in. TWENTY!! EVERY WEEK!! aaaghhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to go to France next year!!

So my delightful, beautiful and gorgeous fellow bloggers...I want to thank you for being online. For wearing your lives on your laptops! For sharing yourselves with all of us! I can't wait to see where this journey takes me.
right now it's taking me out of the office to the kitchen to put the espresso machine on!!
ciao bellas...
happy creating/blogging!!! xx

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  1. you-can't-get-reeses peanut butter cups??? gaaaa! I would most likely perish! I know exactly what you mean about connecting with all these creative spirits via the blog world. I have met so many wonderful souls.

    Have a great trip! I'll mail you your package in a few weeks - no idea how long it takes to get to New Zealand!