Saturday, June 5, 2010

ahh..broken camera...sad day

sooo...I was all ready to take some pics of some of my arty bits and pieces...and for some reason the lense got stuck on opening as I turned my camera on! aaghh! took it to the camera shop - and it'll take 3 WEEKS to fix as they have to send everything sad. so, so sad! :(

In that case I got to thinking about what cool pics I have stored on my computer that might be of interest to anyone...and also thinking today how its not long till my darling man is home...three weeks about...he's been away now 5 weeks in the burning sun of Dubai...whilst we wade into winter with over 200mm of rain in one day!! Out of the ordinary I know...but goodness me - this is SUNNY NELSON for goodness sake! We DON'T do rain!!...

anyways...I got to thinking about the great weekend away Steve and I had last summer to Pohara beach in nearby Golden Bay. We were talking one day about what a beautiful region we live in...I mean people come from all over the world to visit Nelson and the Abel Tasman National Park....because it's so beautiful! You can SO take for granted where you we thought we'd take a few days and have some 'us' here are some pics from our trip away...

you'll notice I DID manage to photograph old rusting trucks on the side of the road(!) mean feat cos that meant Steve ACTUALLY stopped for me to get out and take photos of what he thinks of as old junk!!..(but he liked my pics!)...anyway..all sorts of pics...broken down things at tiny out of the way a unique and quite well known (tho we'd never been) store at Bainham that has been purposefully kept the same for generations...even the paintwork (what's left of it!) is practically the's SO quaint...and been in the same family since it was built! Amazing...still working and operating as a local store and wee cafe. We had 'devonshire tea'...scones with cream and jam...(and traditionally should have been with tea, tho we had a latte and a long black!!)

so check out some of the more rugged top of the South on the east coast of the South Island, and if you're not from NZ it'll give you a glimpse into the beautiful place I call home...and for you kiwis..enjoy "Godzone"!!

An amazing crevice in the rock just on some property we drove through as we headed south from Farewell Spit...and down the coast...that's me sitting in it :)

..and that's Steve standing in the split rock...amazing

Here's a view of one of the beaches we drove by...couldn't access this one...but we were driving south and stopping at all the beaches we could...driving through inlets in the

another beach view...lovely lone Nikau palm tree in the foreground...this is looking back up where we'd driven...looking North

Same view with a little more light!

This is at Wharariki Beach at the very top of the South Island...we'd never been before - it had HUGE had to park at the end of a road then walk 20 minutes across a farm - the owners have kindly given permission for the public to wander across a barely recognisable track...amongst the stock's a great walk...and these amazing HUGE rock formations are right there on the beach...quite incredible - my photography could not do it justice! Apparently it's a beach with a wicked reputation for having harsh winds...sand always blowing in your face etc...well we struck it on a perfectly calm day (not having known about the winds we thought it was normal!) was fab.

That's Steve wandering along the beach heading south...

Another amazing rock formation along the road..see how it sticks right out over the car! Incredible...I can't imagine what caused them to be formed this way.

Gorgeous splash of colour on the side of the road...apparently growing wild...tho by someone's letterbox.

Some working cray pots (for catching Crayfish/Lobster) on a broken down old bargey thing! I loved getting up close and personal around it taking lots of closeups of old rotting wood and rusting metal bolts etc...great for using in scrapbooking...EXTREMELY vintage looking!!

Cool firebox thingy's (!!) on the outside of an old hut. Quite beautiful design I thought, for a purely functional, practical object. Got some nice close ups of this too ;)

And what about this amazing rusted old truck! Just parked up on the side of the road...not bothering anyone...

NOW! Here's me on a swingbridge...yikes! I HATE them..all that wobbling about as you walk out over the river. And Steve! Oh Steve! He liked to wait till I was in the middle and do a big jump on the outside edge which made the bridge undulate...we were rockin and rollin...I DID NOT like that!! freaky friday!! But here I am...VICTORIOUS!

And here's a shot of the same further away...just so you can see the dark, cold, DEEP water beneath me!!

And there's my darling on the bridge...not a care in the world.

Oops here I am again ...showing off! Practically doing a dance! ;)

And this is the bridge with the 'warning' signs...a 2 person load limit...didn't say how heavy tho I don't think...lucky we are't too big!

And here's the wonderful quaint Bainham store where we stopped to explore and have a cup of coffee at the very retro tables and chairs. Just sitting there on the side of the road like you'd stepped back in time...

There's Steve reading the paper whilst we waited for our 'devonshire teas'...just gorgeous!

Some of the wonderful old signs on the walls...aren't they amazing?! And they're there from when they actually sold those items in the store!! Brunch coats and gingham frocks!! I LOVED IT!

The old petrol pumps outside.
So there ends my little sharing time with you of our holiday last summer...hmm actually, the summer before!! March 09. I remember now cos it was while we were away having 'us' time that Claire got knocked off her scooter by a car and broke her ankle...and no-one could get hold of us cos we were out of cellphone range! But she had good friends around, and her sisters, and at 20 it wasn't so crucial we were there...she did, however, break her ankle dreadfully and ended up getting a plate in it, with 8 screws, and was subsequently home off work for 3 months while she recovered, and learned how to walk on it again, eventually. A year on now and it's pretty good, tho she has to be a bit careful!
Well..ciao for now my friends. It's 1.24am and definitely time this little blogger was tucked up in bed. One good thing (the only one really) about my dearly beloved being way is that I can click away on the computer till all hours and no-one is being neglected!! yay!!
luv jessie x


  1. Aha! Yes, the blog address works when you add 'blogspot' LOL! Well you surely live in a beautiful part of the world, fabulous photos. But you are right - you take for granted where you live. In Britain we are surrounded by beautiful green hills but we spend all our time moaning about the rain!! BTW I'm tickled to see by blog button on your blog :-) I'll be waiting to see if you start using any vintage images in your art ..... !! Kate

  2. Hi Jessica!!!

    I had replied yesterday to your email ~ I'm not sure why it didn't go through. We'd love to have you join in! :) I'll be sending your group info later this weekend.

    :) Heather