Friday, June 11, 2010

Still no tacky glue :(

My bookmarks displayed on an issue of Somerset Life..haha..what else?!!!

Soo...I have now purchased 4 different types of fabric glue, all saying they're tacky, supertacky or whatever...and they are ALL, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, useless! They all soak into my felt backing for my flowers and dont' dry immediately like Fabric Tack in the US. I think I'll just have to find an online source to purchase from...any suggestions girls?
So I'm back to hot glue...and a little more care! But also, away from the glue...I made some BEAUTIFUL velvet ribbon bookmarks, inspired by an article in Somerset Life (where else?) Andrea Singarella...thankyou Andrea...soo beautiful and sooo quick to make! I just used some jewels and trinkets I already had and I think they turned out so well. I'm hosting a clothing/lingerie party next week and think I'll make goodie bags for the girls who come. Its so often all about them coming to spend their money, that I thought I'd give them something...just for coming. So a lovely bookmark in their bag, I think, is on the cards.
See what you think...and please leave a comment :) I love comments!..
bye for now...xx


  1. You have a beaitiful family!

    Kimminita from swap-bot for the Check out my blog swap.

  2. Hi Jessie, Just found your blog--LOVE, LOVE the bookmarks! Would like to make for my friends for Christmas--yes, Christmas, I really LOVE Christmas and am always looking for unique gifts to make for my family and friends. Would you share which issue of Somerset Life that the bookmarks are shown? Have you seen the magazines "Where Women Create" and "Studios"-by Cloth, Paper, Scossors? So fun to see where others make art.
    Thanks, Penny in Missouri USA

  3. Hey thanks Penny :) They are SO simple! and beautiful!...they're in Somerset Life Oct/Nov/Dec 2009..also they are the feature photo on the cover...if you can't find it, email me and I'll tell you how to make them! So simple...thanks again...I have heard of Where Women Create, but never seen it...and haven't heard of Studio - we don't have them here in NZ I don't think...I found Somerset Life in Trademe -a NZ auction site...oh what sheer bliss!! They are such a delight...two more just arrived today!! I LOVE THE POSTIE!! haha...have a great day :)

  4. Oh I just saw those book marks too, Absolutely love love them.
    I am following your blog now :) (84kitty from Swap-Bot)

  5. Hey thanks for your lovely comment 'lil me'...they're so simply beautiful to make! I had a party-plan clothing party last night and made goodie bags for the girls...included one of these in each one - they LOVED them! Even those who don't read! haha...isn't it just lovely giving? and creating to give? Thanks again. x

  6. Hi Jessie,
    Thanks for the information--just ordered the issue of Somerset Life--can't wait to get it and make the bookmarks. Just so happens, the newest issue of Where Women Create had an ad for back issues of Somerset Life and that particular magazine was one of three shown--it was green and had the bookmarks on the cover.
    Blessings, Penny in Missouri :)