Tuesday, June 8, 2010

memories... I was thinking about how time is mum passed away last August...she was very involved in was her passion - spinning, teaching people to spin, maintaining spinning wheels - you name it..the fact that she had 11 (yes ELEVEN!) spinning wheels might say something about that...anyway, I guess we all get our 'craftiness' from her, although we each have a different style and area that we are passionate about. My sister Bernice is mad about felting...weekly sending me emails with fab photos of her latest creation!...very clever with that...and i was thinking about how I was so glad I got to make a 'scrapped' album for mum in 2008...just because. We didn't live near each other - 7 hours to get to her - so didn't get to visit and really just got on with our lives and caught up at Christmas and such...anyway, one day, not long after i'd caught the scrapping bug, I decided to do this family album for glad I did. She loved it and showed it off to everyone. (and it's pretty basic as was my first project!) when we cleaned out her house after the funeral, this one came home with me. Makes me think of her when I look at it now, even tho it's all about us! So...quite nice, tho tinged with sadness. Life I guess...just good to have little reminders that say - just do it! You might not get another shot.

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  1. I love this!!! Would you mind sharing how to make it? You say it is simple....but I still need instructions LOL. I would love to make these for my family for Christmas!

    aprettykitty84 from swap bot