Monday, January 3, 2011


some views of the tables...and their christmas tree which was adorned with floral garlands...and...hanging teacups!!

Sooo...blogger having a fit!! cant upload what I want...hence the earlier post with four pics and no writing..(not like words! what the??!!) Anyway, I went out for lunch with my mother-in-law and sis-in-law and her friend, to a place about an hours drive from Nelson...Monterey House...a beautiful setting...big house has been built to look like a really old one...fabulous.'s just reopened after changing hands, and the 'big house' used to be private, but is now the restaurant (top storey still private)...and what used to be the restaurant is now a tea house..with high teas a specialty. So we had lunch at the restaurant (unbeknownst to us cos we booked what we thought was the old place...but got there to find no booking, and redirected to the new 'big house'...and proceeded to have a restaurant lunch, rather than a quaint cafe lunch (ouch to the pocket!)...then went back to the teahouse for coffee/tea and my case, I had the devonshire tea and others had the cakes etc.
Now as I'm having trouble with pics are not loading into my posting windows as actual pictures, but simply has all the text info for each pic...I cannot scroll down and add text to each cos I don't know what they all just looks like a huge body of text...HELP!! ANYONE KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON???
So...hope you enjoy the pics of our LADIES LUNCH...this part is the teahouse...
luv...lady lunchalot!!
(aka me..jessie ;)

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