Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fun in the Kitchen

Made some American cookies today..I say American, cos our 'biscuits' (NOT the american biscuit)...are not like these cookies. Our biscuits tend to be generally a crisp item...I TOTALLY prefer the slightly softish chewy centres and crisp outside edges of the Amerian variety of Choc Chip Cookie...tho mine were Choc Chunk and Toasted Almond Cookies (would've been Macadamias if I'd had any..mmmm)...anyway..they are divine and I've already eaten a weeks worth!..haha..just kidding..ahem! ;)...also made Gevulde Koeken (!!)..delicious Almond Rounds...a kind of almondy cookiedough/pastry encasing homemade almond paste (marzipan)...I remember a cafe in nearby Motueka used to sell them and they were TO DIE FOR!! tried to recreate...haven't quite perfected them I don't think, but that's ok..will try and try again ;) Meanwhile, they're still delicious!
So here's my Double Choc Chunk Cookies with Toasted Almonds (white and dark choc in there!)...

And the Gevulde Koeken...aren't they gorgeous? all golden and crispy with moist marzipan in the middle..and that wee toasted almond on top...I LOVE ALMOND!!!

And just a quick pick of last night's Spicey Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup...reheated for today's lunch...oh I do think it's even better the next day!!!...

thanks for stopping by...
happy times in your kitchen!
jessie xx

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  1. WOW! You're a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen...these look amazing!! Hahaha you make me laugh with "cao bella!" hahahaha We don't need to "be" Italian to "feel" Italian, do we? I just read EAT,pray love and LOVED it....try it, I think you'll be in love with it.
    xoxo Have a great weekend friend,