Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mmmm...Asian Flavours!

My darling daughter Emma requested a deliciously tasty Vietnamese Chicken Soup for tea tonight...i love cooking for people who love to eat!! I found this recipe one day whilst bloghopping...and found French Fridays with Dorie...a wonderful site for all you foodies out there...anyway...I got daring and decided to make this delicious soup...funny you might think a Vietnamese soup is not very french!!..but I learnt something I didn't know by reading about this recipe, that Vietnam was once a french many recipes will feature on french tables (i never was much of a one for geography or history, sadly...and don't think that would've reached our nz curriulum anyway!!)...
ANYWAY...the soup...YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY IT!! the recipe, as her blog doesn't list it...CHOCK FULL of fabulous flavours - coriander (which incidentally I've hated forever but actually enjoy in this must the the perfect teaming of flavours I think)...fresh ginger root, GARLIC, fish sauce - who'da thought fermented fish (aka rotten fish!!) could make something taste so gooood!! (just don't smell it or you'll NEVER eat/use it!!!) anise, coriander..and silky rich coconut milk.
It really is worth trying...lots of ingredients but an absolute doddle to make! DO IT! You won't regret it...
Here are a couple of pics...sadly not of my own dish as darling baby daughter Beth, whose camera I use (since mine is broken :( )...has deemed to go camping with her friend and TAKE her camera with her! what was she thinking???..sigh...anyway...the lovely picture of the spices, exactly as I had, is from and the pic of the finished dish from delicious!!!

Thanks for stopping by...hope I've inspired you to try a little asian fusion dish for dinner...well, not fusion at all, I just liked the sound of that!! haha
bon appetit!!
luv jessie xx

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