Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Parcels in the Post

Today I got a LOVERLY parcel in the post....don't you LOVE 'real' mail?!! lol
Found some very cool vintagey bits and pieces in Joans etsy store here... they came BEAUTIFULLY wrapped in hot pink waxy type tissue (love it!) and accompanied with a beautiful card, all tied up with black organza ribbon. Don't you love it when peole go above and beyond in their presentation? You wouldn't get this kind of wrapping and care with just any old purchase online...thanks made my day! Now just awaiting the paper flowers!! Anyway..check these out...
My lovely 'gift'..hehe..wasn't a gift at all but sure felt like one when I opened the bag...

Very cool vintage checkers...x2 - one for me, one to give away :)

Awesome oldstyle keyplates - lovely chippy shabby chic painterly things...thanks to Donna over at funkyjunkinteriors..I saw them on her blog on a side button and that's what made me 'click' across to the store...dunno what I'll do with them but sure I'll come up with something sometime! too cool to pass up!! haha..

And these absolutely awesome vintage car numberplates turned magnetic boards..with some funky wee button magnets... These cool old photos were also in my they found a home right away on the licence plate magnetic thingy whatsit!!

And finally the lovely card Joan popped in thanking me for my order. No..THANKYOU Joan!!
so here was the entire contents of my lovely parcel...

I hope you've all had a day where something made it just go to the next was pouring with rain yesterday..rather odd in the middle of our summer...wet, not too miserable (my husband had JUST returned from 10 weeks away so nothing was gonna make me too miserable!!)...but a wet run to the letterbox was very rewarding..!! yay!!
that's all for now girls..
thanks for stopping by.
jessie xx
p.s. today spent dreaming and planning for our trip to Italy...oh yeah! (and just stopping long enough to post this blog!)
Anyone know of cheap/reasonable rentals in Italy for a 4 week stay around May? let me know!! Particularly in the Pescara/Abruzzo region :)
ciao bellas!


  1. Hi Jessie,what lovely treasures..Can't wait to unwrap my special parcel..xx

  2. Hi Jessie,

    Your license plates are from the state of Idaho, which is right next door to my state. My son actually lives in Lewiston, Idaho!

    How "great" was you find! A little piece of Americana!

    Thanks for sharing...Take care my sweet FFDU!

  3. I just read your profile. I am new to the blogging world also. Just started setting it up last week and it is so much fun. I love the look of your blog:-) It is so pretty!!!!