Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making your Blog more Visitor Friendly

OH ..MY..GOODNESS..!! Everyone who has EVER GOT FRUSTRATED AT LEAVING COMMENTS on blogs...check out this link. Donna at FunkyJunkInteriors has written a great post on making your blog more user friendly...PARTICULARLY(in my opinion this was the best one!) in regards to those pesky word verification things you have to enter before your blog you EVER get sick of having to try and publish your comment maybe 3 or 4 times before it's accepted?? Aaghhh! I know perseverance is character building and all that but Hey! Enough character already!! ;)

I've just taken the word verification bit off my blog so you'll NEVER have to go thru that to comment on my blog again...yay I hear you say already! ;)...

So, check out the post here if you're keen to make your own blog more visitor friendly..there's lots of other tips too...THANKS SO MUCH DONNA! YOU'RE AWESOME! (she truly is...if you don't know her...check out her incredible blog here)
ciao bellas...bed awaits :)
jessie xx

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