Monday, January 3, 2011

Ladies Lunch..take 3!- the Big House

So..the end of our ladies lunch may wonder why I've done it in three posts...the first I posted without actually writing anything..haha..oops! The second..when i went to upload blogger posting window had changed (has yours?) and now all the pics load as text and you can't see what they are...usually they are photos sitting in my text box once uploaded..and I go down under each one and comment on them...this way I have NO IDEA what they second post was a bit hit and miss. But third time lucky! I decided to upload one pic at a time (SOOOO SLOWWWW!!! AAGHHH!!!)...but at least that way I could write above (or is it below!lol) each one...
So there you are..hope you enjoy the last of my lunching pics. :)

The FABULOUS bathroom...OH MY beautiful...wouldn't you KILL for that chandelier??? ..well, I WOULD!! haha...

Our mother-in-law Eleanor in the middle, and sis-in-law Julie on the left, and Julies friend Fiona on the right. The tables were faux stone and lovely..but were terrible for glare in the sunshine! Nice wrought iron chairs tho..a little shabbychic white goin on.. actually, not too shabby! haha

Front entrance to the 'big house'...not what it's actually called, but to differentiate between what was the actual restaurant and is now the teahouse..and this being the 'actual' restaurant...and it's a HUGE house!! so there you go.. ;)

Thanks for stopping by ladies :) love you comments..feel free to leave them...and if you're not a follower...I'd love you to be! (even twice Carla!! haha)
jessie x

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