Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grow'n old gracefully...GREY HAIR we're talkn about!

What do you think? I want your's the age old keep on bleaching/dying, or to grow old gracefully!!...brrr...felt a cold shudder just then!! haha...
The problem, as we all know, is that it never seems 'graceful'...I think I'll need 'help' to make it look awesomely graceful...but nonetheless...I wonder if it's time to stop the bleaching..VERY COSTLY...and let nature take it's course. Grey hair is a gift from God, so the bible says...a crown of splendour or some such it's part of His plan...right? So I should embrace it...right? sigh..I don't know...but I'm leaning towards it...tell me what you think girls...

Look forward to your voting! and constructive comments!! hehe..

ciao bellas

jessie...(why this suddenly doing double line spacing?? grrr)


  1. I'm all for the silver white grey all over look, but I am all salt and pepper and horrid so it's a life long addiction to the dye bottle for me :) le xox

  2. Well HELLO Grey wins every time! What is wrong with it? I don't know. I didn't think you were grey Jess, you originally blonde chicks often just go light brown it seems. I decided when I was in my 20's or earlier that I'd grow grey naturally (and gracefully), and I guess I was blessed not to do that at 30 (as 2 of my children have). I must admit it is a little disconcerting to see my very dark hair and face frame lighten, and those white eyebrows! But I am determined to keep it up. God has made us to be who we are and our body/hair/skin does not show who we are or give us any value whatsoever. So Ladies, give up the toxic dye and join the naturals I say. I do think some of the ladies in the pics have been retouched either photographically or surgically or by injection however. No-one smiles like that and their face doesn't wrinkle!

  3. Ah Bernice..I am very very grey! ;) ..kinda 'mousey grey'..could be salt and peppery..don't really know cos I keep my blonding up RELIGIOUSLY! HAHA..but just thinking about having a change..becoming a little less high maintenance! we'll see...thanks for your thoughts! ;) x
    And thanks Le..I'm sure the hairdresser can give me an 'enhanced' grey experience like I think most of the women in the collage have! (except Meg Ryan who has been photoshopped steely grey ;))'ll just be little less expensive than the all over blonde I'm thinking :)..xx

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