Friday, November 4, 2011

Moving on...

Hi all..well my last post was a little sad...and soul searching...sorry about that! Well, kinda sorry. Just being real with where I was at I suppose. I find the emptying nest a very lonely place, to be honest. Having had 5 children around me for more than half my life(and half of that time my husband would be away at sea so the kids have been my constant really)...seems rather odd to just have one chick left in the nest! So it's now a season of change and moving on into what God has for me in this next part of the journey. I'm getting there...

For now, it's about creativity, I have found. With lots of time on my hands, not working, planning for Europe next year (maybe)..planning for a move 'somewhere' anyway...I've been a bit in limbo. Hard to be in this place - I'm a nester, a nurturer, a 'home creator'...although I love to be out having a coffee and a chat with friends, I also just love being at home...doing, making. Unfortunately that often means baking..and eating! The love of all things food - preparing, cooking, laying the table, eating, sharing...ah, it can be a curse at times! So much so that I've had to make drastic changes...and rejoin the gym! Actually to clarify - I rejoined in February and dont' think I've made it since Italy! So that was June! being a poor steward of my hubby's hard earned money has been weighing on my mind (all those gym fees going out each week...and not actually going!) I'm back! Aaghhh...yes, I'm back. And my body is protesting! But that won't last...I have a goal to lose 10kg by years end...and I WILL DO IT!!

I found a great pin on Pinterest the other day..."You are not a dog - do not reward yourself with food!"...haha...had such a laugh at that because I SO DO reward myself with food, and comfort myself with food, and reward OTHERS with food...etc etc. I still might, it'll just be less frequently and maybe more nutritious..?...well, I said maybe ;)

okay..I'll be back in a bit with some of what I'm doing right now...Christmas is coming and all our Christmas decorations are in storage (mistakenly, but still packed away, unattainable! grrr)...this just means I have to be REALLY creative as I determine not to buy any more 'stuff' as we are going away next what will my house look like this Christmas? Well, it begins....

talk soon bellas!
jessie xx

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