Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pallet Love...DIY

Ah well girls...took a break from making Christmas decorations to making gifts...although this one is probably for me! lol...but now I've made two ;)

I'm LOVING all things pallet-y...and even here in NZ I've found that you can get pallets for free pretty much everywhere you see them...mind you, you just really don't see them - until you start looking! Seriously, I would have thought we didn't really have them..but I've found heaps now...AND not all pallets are equal. Which I didn't really realise till I got them home, so excited was I to grab 'em and go! ...but I'll make something out of most of the bits, I'm sure.

So I started by sanding down two of them that I'll use for wall art...paint, text, can't wait to go get some paint...(I LOVE my friend Raymonds electric sander..has a mind of it's own tho!..and my new handsaw, jigsaw and hammer all got baptised today!)
But IN THE MEANTIME..the VERY FIRST pallet creation I found on Pinterest was a shelf made from the pallet structure itself (rather than just using the timber pulled off it) , cut down and re arranged...check it out at Monica and Jess's blog "Real Housewives of Bucks County" (dont' you love it?!) - they do all sorts of things with recycled wood...really, really I gave it a go.
And I'M SO HAPPY with how it turned out...take a look...

I particularly like the old black bits, the aged bits...although I love distressed, whitewashed 'stuff'...i also love this rustic look... Now this isn't ACTUALLY finished...bit of sanding to do and I may add some stencilled text to it...maybe a couple of brushstrokes of blackboard paint across the front section...not lots of ideas...but this is how it looks filled with kitcheny 'stuff'...where I had seen it in my minds eye...tho you can stand framed photos in it, a row of herb pots, maybe rolled towels in the bathroom...the options are endless...only limited by your imagination! ...
So here it is with a few things from my kitchen...
And then I played with Photoscape a bit and made these photos look even more inviting! ..don't I look happy with my creation? lol

So there we are...Hope you enjoyed my latest creation...
Love to hear what you think,
Thanks for stopping by :)
Ciao bellas!
jess xx


  1. I love your shelf,very nice esp with the kitchen knick-knacks.Love those Christmas decorations too!

  2. Oh thanks so much simmone :) Really enjoying working with wood...I think my hubby wonders just how many pallets I think I can get in our garage! lol
    Love you post on vintage finds...LOVE the old retro kitchen cabinet...$40!!! Seriously? It'd prob be $400 here!! lol
    Good luck with doing it up/down ;) x

  3. I LOVE these!!! I'm pinning them now. xxxx That green book is awsome as well.

  4. Thanks much fun making them. Wish I knew lots of people who love rustic stuff like me that I could make them for!! And that book is from a cafe in old boss gave it to me.
    Thanks for your loveliness ;)
    ciao bella! xx