Saturday, November 26, 2011

Handmade..Part 3 - Stars and Hearts Garland

Today I made up a garland on simple jute twine, with stuffed fabric hearts, sewn and left with raw edges..I like the fraying look...and tin stars...made from aluminium oven liners! Found a reference to them on Pinterest (where else?!!) found a star template on google and set to work. They are quite fiddly, a little sharp..but definitely worth the effort. I LOVE the 3D feel of them..tho probaby they're reall 2D aren't they? Cos they have no back. I was going to join two together to make a completely 3D one, but my mind went to the garland idea and that was the end of that! my 50c scarf from the second hand shop and $4 oven liner (sadly they are not 2 or 3 for $1.50 as I saw on a US blog :(..)...made me this beautiful, folksy, charming garland..what do you think?

Oops..still got the pen marks on this star...need to wipe off :)
I thought how cool they'd look too if you painted them and distressed them to look a bit rusty and aged...going with the silver for now cos I love that too...
but I might make some 'aged' ones too..

And here it takes pride of place over my kitchen sink!
Thanks for stopping by...if you're making Christmas decorations this year, do leave a comment so I can come by for a peek!
ciao for now bellas!
jess xx

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  1. just adoring those stars ... well done you :) best le xox