Sunday, November 13, 2011

Handmade Christmas..Part Two :)

Hey everone :)
Well the other day you know I said I'm making my decorations this year, from primarily what I have at hand...which isn't much as most of my crafting things are in storage...along with my boxes of Christmas decorations!! lol...anyway, I do have my stamps and glue and some other bits and pieces so can do some things.

Okay..on to my next decorations. Well I have started the Bay Leaf Wreath that I mentioned in last weeks post, so far just a complete circle of leaves --looking very cool and drying a bit, but haven't dried the orange or apple slices yet so will post that when it's done...
the meantime...
I saw some GORGEOUS fabric wrapped styrofoam(polystyrene down here!) balls as Christmas Tree decorations on Pinterest, which were an Etsy item of decided to take the idea and make it my own :)
I began with an old sheet from the local op shop (thrift store) which I'd bought to die Donna Hay Blue (!) for a blue Christmas table cloth...but then I found a great old blue tablecloth! for $1 I got the both! ...and the white sheet has been sitting in my linen cupboard ripped lots of strips across the sheet to get freyed edges, used my stamps to stamp words like LOVE and JOY..will do PEACE etc too...and a cute heart stamp and a Christmas tree stamp...along the length of the strips...and began wrapping around the balls. Some are wrapped with all stamped strips, some with mostly plain strips with a stamped strip wrapped near the end...others different. Anyway...this is how they turned out..I'm really happy with them :)

Oh also I love buttons so tried a button idea that didn't look good, so carried on and completely covered a ball with buttons...real cute actually, tho I wish I'd had some red fabric to wrap the ball in first so the white didn't show thru...but never just don't need to look too closely.
I took lots of cool pics but am having trouble uploading as my computer is SO SLOW right have just put these few on...more maybe tomorrow :)
Hope you like them :)

Thanks for stopping by!
Be back with the next idea later in the week...not sure what yet :)
have a lovely week
happy crafting!
ciao bellas
jessie xx

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