Saturday, October 1, 2011

Who knew it would be so hard?

Who knew it would be so hard? When your children grow up and get married...and then one day they suffer devastating loss...and they don't need you like they did...they turn to their is right. We are still feeling their pain like they were still our little girl...longing for them to turn to us for the cuddle, the comfort, the love, the reassurance that everything would be ok..even when we couldn't make it better, we could be there for them, to share their pain with carry them through. Who knew they wouldn't need us both? who knew it would be so hard? I never knew...


  1. Jess,
    I wish you and your family love and blessings.
    I don't know if we ever get over them leaving our nest. When you observe them working through life's difficult challenges, you still feel their pain. Such a wonderful mother you are!

  2. Thanks Lynne...your words 'observing them working thru'...were actually really comforting to me..i think what i see is her pain..she lost her best friend yesterday - and feel absolutely powerless to do anything about it..yet you're right - they are working thru it together. She is lucky to have him. blessu my friend :)

  3. I prayed for their friend. Must've been a devastating loss for her friends and family. We are reassured that she's upstairs with God watching over her friends and family.
    And as for your daughter, she knows you are there :)

    God Bless,