Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life after...

Well there is life after weddings...and giving your daughter away!!...sigh...the next season is upon me. And as my family diminishes in that there are less and less of them living at home, they come and go as usual. Emma will be home for three months plus in June to do a course here in Nelson, so I've kindof lost one, gained one! I'm so enjoying having my days to LIVE. Getting a new loungesuite first BRAND NEW one in all my years of being here! Very have had a springclean (tho we're heading into winter!!) taking all paintings and creative expressions off my walls and cleaning the walls, removing the hooks looks SO big...and empty!! I DON'T LIKE IT!! haha...a mimimalist I could never be...I feel warm and safe and lovely with my homely creative works around me - mine or someone the paintings are crying out to go back up, my beautiful crosses and mirrors too...but will have a 'restructure'...somehow a fresh arrangement of the same beautiful things will be like a breath of fresh air to go along with my lovely new couches!
And wonder of wonders...I'm creating a craft room. With one daughter gone, the other has moved into her smaller room and i'm commandeering the huge room upstairs as my craft room...NOW THAT'S EXCITING! - maybe more than the couches!!'ll also be the spare room for visitors, but that'll be a bonus to sleep in the creative space it will become - cos tho it will be creatively chaotic at times, I'm sure if i have visitors it will simply be creatively welcoming!! to read Heidi Swapp and Rebecca Sowers blogs...inspiring women...
And LOVE that publication Somerset Studios - got my first copy off trademe, brand new, and I could just eat it up! WISH i could go to America and experience all those 'flea markets' myself - the amazing finds people make at these huge, overflowing markets ...ah be still my heart. :) maybe one day!
So, coffee is calling...ah the latte - my friend!
till next time
happy creating!

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