Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ahh...making memories

Yesterday marked a great achievement in the household...I now have a (partly)dedicated craft/art room!! The 'spare' room has now become a semi spare/craft room...and it's BLISS I tell you! to have my gorgeous old wooden trolley (loaded with all my scrapping/art supplies!) upstairs out of the lounge is probably a blessing to all! And a new dining table enabled the old one to also go upstairs so now I can work at the table...AND LEAVE IT ALL THERE to carry on with tomorrow! Not put away because, wonder of wonders, we need to eat at the dining table!!
So right away I was able to pick up my altered book and recommence my altering! I took a childrens cardboard 'accordion' book (the kind that have all pages joined in the style of an accordion so instead of turning the pages, you kind of open it all out as you go - I'm sure you'll know the type) it for 50c or something at a local thrift shop and painted it all over with white paint ready to alter! I've entitled the book SHE (cover is shown above) as i have wonderful pictures of women thru the ages - old magazines from vintage shops from the 40s and other gorgeous victorian style pictures from old sheet music and from images off the net...I transferred the picture above onto the cover by printing a picture on my printer, painting the cover with thickish acrylic white paint and laying the picture on top, face down. Then I rubbed it all in well and left to dry. When dry I wet the back of the page and started rubbing the paper with my finger till it all rubbed off, leaving the image on the book cover!! MAGIC!! I read about it recently online and couldn't wait to have a go...SO impressed with this method of transferring an image...I love not simply gluing a printed image onto my artwork, but somehow 'getting' the image into the work in a magical way like this...LOVE IT!!! (what do you think bloggers? do try it if you haven't before...and comment!!)
Anyways...had a lovely time this afternoon sorting my 'stuff' into new see thru plastic containers so that everything truly is in it's own type and I can open them all and see everything. I'm the kind of scrapper/artist that if I don't see what i have to use, I tend not to use it - out of sight, out of mind!
So i'm looking forward to some lovely relaxed creative time over the winter months...which are practically upon us. Lovely to have the fire going and snuggling up on my gorgeous new couches!! Brand new lounge suite - first ever in my life! Bliss...sheer bliss!!
Ciao for now, fellow bloggers...catch you soon.
God bless

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