Monday, May 31, 2010

Ah a little overcast today...wish I had a laptop so I could blog in the warm lounge on my squishy couch in front of the delicious fire! But I haven't so i'm upstairs in the cold office, quickly (actually not-so-quickly)tapping away at the keyboard. I've added a pic of my gorgeous family at the top of my page...aren't they beautiful? Evan with his lovely fiancee Renee, then me and Steve, the happy couple, then our other 3 gorgeous daughters Emma,Laura and Beth(bridesmaid). Evan, Emma and Laura sang a beautiful song at the wedding - When God made You - sooo beautiful...and it was so precious to have them all a part of their sisters day.

Anyway...what else have I been up to? Here's some little decorations I did on the back of the envelopes of two cards I sent my sisters recently. They were store bought cards and when I'd written them I thought "I just want to add a creative touch"..but one was sealed already! so I decided to 'scrap' the envelope and hope they got there intact - which they did! I think my sisters loved them...

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