Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fun with Rhonna...!

Wow! That's what I have to say about stumbling across Rhonna Farrer...and amazing, very girly(!) designer in the USofA who is part of House of 3 with Heidi Swapp and Janet someone (sorry Janet...missed your surname)...anyway, I watched a webshow on Heidis blog of Rhonna making some fabric flowers for brooches, headbands, wristbands, belts whatever...exquisite!! Of course i'm watching at 9pm on a Saturday night (AS you do!!) with no fabulous fabric to hand to start making so had to improvise with what I friend Mandie gave me some gold fabric recently that wasn't quite right for a particular idea and its just lying around waiting to become I made my first flower brooch with it...and added some turquoise and white pearls for the centre...gorgeous! I'm SO impressed. Can't wait to intentionally buy some fabric in some fab colours and have another go...all done with heat, scissors, glue and a bit of handstiching..easy peasy!! have a look!
I can SO imagine making a bunch of these and giving them as gifts to my friends...they can even adorn a parcel or cover of a journal...whatever you like! So beautiful. What I particularly love is to be able to create something out of practically nothing, in no time at all, and get something that looks so fabulous it appears to have been something you'd have bought at an expensive boutique or taken hours making...a labour of love, but a reasonably quick one! Next one I will add some feathers behind it, some tulle...see how that looks...really girly and glam!
Well...its chilly up here at the computer...I think i'll go down to the lounge on my squishy gorgeous couch in front of the fire while I continue to wait to go pick up my beautiful daughter Beth from her first 'date'...a party, so not a real 'date', but with her special boyfriend Jono, all the same. Ah, young love...
Goodnight fellow drop by again.
luv and blessings...jessie

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  1. I just saw that video with Rhonna and have been DYING to try these! Yours turned out amazing. Glad to be your swap partner, and love your blog.