Friday, April 8, 2011

Inspiring pics..departing daughters...interrupted life ;)

Hello fellow bloggerettes :) Long time no hear...and not even a real post today, sadly! I went blog hopping this morning for the first time in a couple of months...and don't you just LOVE this pic posted on Sande's blog from A Gift Wrapped Life who was sharing from the amazing photographer Rodney Smith's this AMAZING pic...I love love love the hat! and this shot with the avenue of trees and hedges...simply genius! Wish I could take pics like this!

And couldn't resist this one either...

Could do with one of those cups of tea right now... ;)

I've been real busy with home life, church cafe, plans for Italy (which are now slightly on hold due to my hubbys work being interrupted in the gulf)...we've had a stressful few days this week with not knowing if there's any income this month (!) which of course greatly impacts on our travel plans. But praise God it looks like we can still go, just have to push it back a couple of weeks in order to make sure there's money in the bank when we return!..which means earning it now, of course!! lol .......ah, what a stretch!

Also, my beautiful daughter Emma left yesterday to fly to Majorca and go work on superyachts!! She was super excited/terrified! lol....what an opportunity! Wow..when I was 24 that wouldn't have even been a dream, let alone a reality. (did they even HAVE superyachts back in the day??!! haha)..

Isn't she gorgeous?! LOVE U EMM!!! She's an incredible young woman full of zest for life, determination, resource and ability! We have so many laughs together...gonna miss those laughs. She's been home for 9 months and feels weird without her now..even tho prior to that she hadn't lived at home for several years!...ah this mothers heart...hard to let them go even tho they were only kinda visiting. I DO NOT LIKE THE NEST EMPTYING!!!! That's all for now...gotta go shop for cafe supplies and get cooking. ciao bellas! blessings to you... jessie xxx


  1. Lovely photos, even lovelier daughter! How exciting for her to go work on a super yacht! I do know what you mean about missing the babes when they leave the nest -- my littlest babe (at 6'1", maybe I should refer to him as my youngest, not littlest) spent what was probably his last summer at home last year. "The Girl", however (the one who got married a year ago), will be returning in a few months when her husband deploys to Afghanistan -- and she'll be bringing a little "bun in the oven"!

  2. Emma is beautiful!...Safe travels to her! I
    always love to see you pop up on my reader,
    Jess! I am busy planning a huge baby shower for our first grandchild and working, of course.
    Our nest will be full tonight as all are coming to dinner...Best of love to you and your family! Ciao, Bella Jess!

  3. Awww what a beautiful photo of Emma...all the best for her and safe travels xx
    Love your blog :-)
    Love Neski x