Monday, April 25, 2011

A few pics from our Church Cafe this week...

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  1. Jessie, happy you have introduced me to your blog. I love the fact you have a blog, but what I love more is your incredible friendship. Your food ain't bad either. You are such a terrific person and community member of Nelson and Annesbrook. I thought to myself what life would have been like coming to Nelson and not meeting you and I really think I don't think God would have brought me here. I think he would have taken me to wherever you was. I pray blessings over you and Steve, he is an incredibly brave bloke. He should have been in the Military really as it is clear he is a mans man and strong as an Ox. I pray blessings over all your awesome kids too. Each one of them raised with your standards and creativity. The Christiesen Family BE BLESSED in Jesus' name. Love ya. Richard Stephen James Wells.