Friday, October 8, 2010

Mother of the Groom's dress....:)

This is a close up of the layered fabric...patterned cotton underneath with pink organza layered on top...
Close up of the bodice/midriff...
And this is the final result...hem looks uneven there but its not 'in the flesh'! On my poor old patched mannequin...haha
Back view...obviously the manny has a wider back than me cos couldn't do up!

Nice side view...ahhh is the dress I've made for my son Evan's wedding in two weeks...TWO WEEKS!!! EEEK!!! ....breathe Jessie :)....I'd bought a pretty awesome dress when away in Auckland in September, but each time I tried it on (in my quest to lose a few kilos/pounds before the big day...had to check on progress by fit) just didn't look right...something wasn't right, you know? 51 year old knees really shouldn't be on display! Well, not 'right' at hem length...just below is way more flattering!! (when I'm in shorts they look fine...but just below the hem of a beautiful dress?? ah, no!)...and the fit at the back (which i couldn't see well when I bought it)...well, it just wasn't sitting right...and so I began a new search for plan B...another dress. But we are a small city...only a few shops to choose from for this type of event....and sad to say, I found nothing...sigh.

So! There was nothing for it but to make one...and then began my quest for 'the' perfect pattern...having had such dramas with Beth's Balldress (see posts in September)...I was a little nervous! But as luck would have it (or as I prefer to thing, divine intervention! ;))...I found a great pattern...well, two - a mix of two - bodice of one, skirt of another. I'd spied the most gorgeous fabric - a cotton mix, white background with big dark pink roses all over it...and to make it more dressy I bought pink organza to overlay it with...and I began! Four days later...VOILA! it is done...and I'm SO SO happy with it. My girls think it's beautiful...Emma(23) said..."oh mum, you look like the pretty doll you'd put on top of a cake"!! haha...a compliment, I think!! cute. Must admit I do feel very 'pretty' in's a very girly dress...fitted bodice with full circle skirt - ah I shouldv'e been an adult in the 50's! All that whirling on the dance floor!!

Anyways...will post a pic of me in it after the day! to have my hair...and will I make some organza flowers to put on the dress...shall I make a gorgeous flowery fabric cuff or have a traditional 'real' flower wrist corsage...and what jewellery...and I haven't even STARTED on about shoes!!! hehe...

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